The Easter Weekend: the most under-rated time of the year?

Here in the UK last weekend (Easter weekend), we have been blessed with the finest of weather and consistent sunshine. Aren’t we so lucky? Social media has been swamped by BBQs, friends having picnics in local parks and drinking cocktails in the glorious sun. We’ve even had to factor sun-cream into our handbags (did you see what I did there?). Instagram stories have really seen it all this Easter weekend, and it’s been so nice to see everyone truly making the most of their time off with family and friends. There’s no doubt that seeing one or two rain showers between this amazing weather, is genuinely extremely rare for us Brits!

Hello Spring

What I love about Easter is that it usually falls at the beginning of Spring. Even though it seems to take a lifetime to come around, I really do love this season. The first few weeks of Spring always surprise me. Every year I ask myself: How is it light when I’m leaving work? Wait, can I really go outside without my winter coat? It’s almost too good to be true. Then voilà, after a couple of weeks everything seems to come back to life – the nature, flowers, animals, and even we do! It has to be said, the longer days and lighter mornings revive us all and gives us a boost that’s needed after a never-ending Winter. Everyone is that extra bit more cheerful, I just love it.

Undoubtedly, we all love the few days off and the break over the Easter weekend. It’s a nice reward for working hard from Christmas through till Spring. For full-time freelancers, I understand that this opinion may differ slightly due to the inability to work for clients on Bank Holidays. We can fit everything in all in one weekend: friends, family, relaxation, exercise and days out.

Making the most out of the long weekend

I have got a bit of everything in, this Easter. The catch-ups with friends that no longer live in my home town, social gatherings with friends and meeting new people, the dreaded hangover, sunbathing, family time, the relaxation and even a little bit of fitness. Of course, no Bank Holiday would be complete without tonnes of food and Easter choc. Is all of this achievable on a normal weekend? I think not! 

This all got me thinking, is the Easter break the most under-rated Bank Holiday or the year, or is it a time that all of us desperately look forward too? Either way, I’ve had an amazing Easter break this year and I’m feeling grateful for it this week. 

What did you get up to for Easter this year?