About me

Hey. I’m Rebecca, an Oxfordshire-based marketer and friendly face by day, lifestyle blogger by night – welcome to thediaryofrebecca.com!

My blogging adventure began by realising that writing is the perfect ‘let-go’ for me. There’s just something about throwing words down on paper that has an amazing therapeutic capability. Plus, it keeps the creative juices flowing and means that I’m putting effort into building something meaningful with my ideas and inspirations. When I’m not working or spending time with my family and pals, that is. And if I can help others on my way? Even better!

From exploring my latest travel destinations with me, discussing much-loved products, to general chat about life experiences, you’ll find it all here – it’s basically the world according to me.

I’d love to know your feedback, comments and tips along the way, so be sure to leave a comment as you read!

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